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OPM Dad Cap



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1. Original minded, you’ve been blinded
OPM – short for Original Peoples Mind – is an innovative clothing label based in Germany. Established in 2013 by a collective of artists and industry professionals, the brand has made a name for itself by launching outstanding streetwear collections that combine distinctive designs with high quality fabrics.

2. True in the game, as long as blood is blue in our veins
The founders and driving forces behind OPM got inspired by the upcoming Hip Hop wave that hit Germany in the 1980s, they were creatively expressing themselves through a raw and original youth culture back then. After travelling the world and gaining individual experiences in the fields of illustration, design and marketing, the three men reunited to channel their ideas into one project.

3. Only built original minds …
OPM is the essence of a lifelong journey, the result of both free thinking and focused work. Despite manifold influences, the minds behind the brand managed to create a very unique design language. OPM aims to embody a common denominator which represents original minds.

Those who keep doing what they do with a passion. Those who never stop crossing boundaries. Those who keep their third eye open.

4. Our quality speaks for itself
To rep a certain spirit to the fullest takes a lot more than printing your logo on a piece of clothing – that’s why all OPM garments are crafted from high quality materials. Finished with unique and sophisticated cuts, our clothes emphasize the individuality of the people who wear them. Finally, our meticulously composed collections are produced in limited quantities and distributed by dedicated retailers who share our mentality.

5. It takes a nation of millions to hold us back
OPM is the brainchild of a few individuals. It is born and raised in a couple of original minds. With the support of those who think alike, the brand established itself as one of the most inventive fashion labels in the international streetwear scene. Taking it from concepts to concrete, OPM now unites a legion of originally minded people who stay true by going against the grain. These individuals create the brand with us. The people behind OPM are the people themselves.

OPM Dad Cap

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